Vol 4, No 7 (2012)

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Enhancement of Iris Biometric Recognition System Using Cryptography and Error Correction Codes – A Review PDF
R. Manikandan, B.S. Sathishkumar, G. Jayaseelan 273-278
Neural Network Associated with Recognition of Facial Expressions of Basic Emotions PDF
Rehmat Khan, Rohit Raja 279-282
Iris Recognition: An Eagle-Eye Security System PDF
Dinesh Thakur, Dishant Sharma, Dinesh Singh, Pankaj Sharma 283-287
An Innovative Efficient and Light Weighted Approach to Face Recognition using SOM PDF
Shamla T. Mantri 288-291
The Data Mining Approaches for Multi-Class Protein Fold Recognition PDF
Lokesh K. Sharma, Sourabh Rungta 292-297
Intelligent Fingerprint Recognition System Using Affine Transformation PDF
R.M. Mandi, S.S. Lokhande 298-301
Implementation of Fingerprint Attendance System using Matlab PDF
Jignesh Patoliya, Jay Shukla, Priyank Shah 302-305
ECG Diagnostic using Multi-Scale Principal Components Analysis PDF
H. Chaouch, K. Ouni, L. Nabli 306-311
An Improved SOBEL Algorithm for Palm Image Edge Detection Using OTSU Method PDF
Yatendra Kashyap, Ashish Khare, Manoj Lipton 312-317
Palatal Rugae and Dental Work Information-Tools of Human Identification PDF
K. Prasitha, D. Archana, S. Sumathi 318-323
Abduction of Newborn Infants using Footprint Recognition PDF
D. Bhuvani Dhayal, D. Priyadharshini, Subha Meenatchi, S. Sumathi 324-329
Enhanced ATM Machine using Voice Recognition to Reduce Fraudulence Rate PDF
Hridya Venugopal, U. Hema, S. Kalaiselvi 330-333

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