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Intelligent Fingerprint Recognition System Using Affine Transformation

R.M. Mandi, S.S. Lokhande



The fingerprint is the most widely used Biometric. The main focus of Intelligent Fingerprint Recognition System is to improve accuracy and efficiency. This system uses an algorithm for recovering translation parameters from two fingerprint images of the same individual that differ by Rotation, and Transformation also known as similarity transformation or Affine Transformation. This algorithm is very useful to identify two fingerprint images of the same individual which are misaligned by small transformations such as rotation or translation. This system has been trained to identify whether the fingerprint image is straight or rotated in the initial stage itself. The algorithm uses minutiae based matching to compare input fingerprint image with the template fingerprint image stored in the database. The algorithm uses various standard preprocessing steps. It includes all the stages to extract the minutiae. The proposed system is tested on the pilot database.


Affine Transformation, Image Alignment, Minutiae, Rotation, Transformation.

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