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Neural Network Associated with Recognition of Facial Expressions of Basic Emotions

Rehmat Khan, Rohit Raja


In the field of image processing, it is very interesting to recognize the human gesture for general life applications. For example, observing the gesture of a driver when he/she is driving and alerting him/her when in sleepy mood will be quite useful. Human gestures can be identified by observing the different movements of eyes, mouth, nose and hands. The face is a rich source of information about human behavior. The proposed method will recognize the facial expression from a well captured image. The approach for Facial Expression Recognition System is based on PCA and Neural Network. For any Facial Expression Recognition, it is necessary to extract the features of face that can be possibly used to detect the expression. For Feature Extraction the Principal Component Analysis will be used. After extracting the features the eigenvectors will be generated this will be further fed into the Neural Network for Expression Recognition. The paper briefly describes the schemes for selecting the image and then processing the image to recognize the expressions.


Eigen Faces Eigen Vector, Eigen Value, Neural Network, Back Propagation, Facial Expression Recognition System, FERS.

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