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Iris Recognition: An Eagle-Eye Security System

Dinesh Thakur, Dishant Sharma, Dinesh Singh, Pankaj Sharma


In this paper, the various technical aspects (such as image acquisition, imaging used, iris localization and pattern matching)used in Iris recognition technology have been discussed and elaborated. The three cameras can be used to capture the picture of the entire torso of a person in which one of the three cameras will capture the image of eye only including upper and lower eyelids. Then two techniques Near Infra Red (NIR) and Visual Wavelength (VW) can be used for imaging purpose. NIR is widely used as most of the people of world have black eyes, whereas VW is used for colored eyes. After imaging, iris’s picture is localized and ultimately the pattern of iris is encoded to generate 512 byte human bar code.


NIR, VW, Rigs.

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