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Simulation Analysis and Performance of AODV and AOMDV in Mobile Ad Hoc Network

S. Malini, Dr.E. Kannan, A. Valarmathi


A Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) is a dynamic wireless network that can be formed without the need for any pre-existing infrastructure in which each node can act as a router. The suitability of multi-path AOMDV routing protocol in such a network was accessed in mobility biased MANET and compared with the performance of its single-path counterpart AODV. A predefined network topology was created and NS-2 simulation was performed at different mobility based scenarios. The performance of AODV and AOMDV was evaluated using responses such as throughput, packet loss and end-to-end delay. The results indicated that AODV exhibited higher throughput and lower end-to-end delay. In the case of AOMDV, the more frequent route discovery might have hampered the available bandwidth and exhibited poor performance. The only positive aspect of AOMDV was its performance with lower packet loss. The routing overhead associated with multi-path routing is found to be the major concern in multipath based routing protocols.


MANET, AODV, AOMDV, Performance Metrics

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The Network Simulator - NS-2, nsnam/ns/


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