Vol 3, No 7 (2011)

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Data Reduction Mechanism Using Coverage Based Association Method in Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
R. Gunasundari, K. Muthukumaran 484-489
Simulation Analysis and Performance of AODV and AOMDV in Mobile Ad Hoc Network PDF
S. Malini, Dr.E. Kannan, A. Valarmathi 490-493
A Review on DGS and Comparative Study of Filters with and Without DGS Technique PDF
Preeti Bhalla, Monish Gupta 494-498
Random Pair Key Distribution Based Security in Ubiquitous Computing PDF
P.N. Karthikayan, C. Seelammal 499-505
Efficient Approach for Determining Network Partitioning and Recovery in Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
L. Josephine Usha, S. Raja Rajeswari 506-511
Fast Adaptive Mean Shift Clustering and Cluster Based Routing Protocol for Delay-Tolerant Mobile Networks PDF
Dr. J. Veerappan, G. Arun SamPaul Thomas 512-517
Synthesis of Linear Antenna Array Using Genetic Algorithm with Cost Based Roulette Wheel Selection to Maximize Sidelobe Level Reduction PDF
T.S. Jeyali Laseetha, Dr.R. Sukanesh 518-524
Performance Analysis of WiMax on the Basis of BER Using Simulink PDF
Bhanisha Verma, Maninder Singh, Priyanka Nian, Prabhjot Kaur, Sandeep Sachdeva 525-528
Motion ARM: A Live Streaming Approach PDF
Suyash Gupta, Indona Vinita Barua, Purshotam Chauhan, Luv Shorey 529-535
Quadra Square Edge Slotted Miniaturized Microstrip Patch Antenna for Multiband Wireless Applications PDF
A. Beno, Dr.D.S. Emmanuel 536-540
Energy-Efficient Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks with Improved Network Life PDF
Aniket D. Gundecha, Santosh S. Sonavane 541-545
An Assessment of Ultra Wide Band As an Alternative Controller for Bluetooth to Support High Rate Applications on Battery Powered Devices PDF
Shady S. Khalifa, Hesham N. Elmahdy, Imane Aly Saroit, S.H. Ahmed 546-552

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