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Enhancement of Iris Biometric Recognition System Using Cryptography and Error Correction Codes – A Review

R. Manikandan, B.S. Sathishkumar, G. Jayaseelan


The Main challenge on iris and most biometric identifier’s is the user variability in the acquired identifiers. The Iris of the same person captured in different time may differ due to the signal noise of the environment or the iris camera. In Error Correction Code, ECC is introduced to reduce the variability and noise of the iris data. To find best system performance, This paper reviews an approach is tested using 2 different distance metric measurement functions for the iris pattern matching identification process which are Hamming Distance and Weighted Euclidean Distance. An experiment with the CASIA version 1.0 iris database indicates that results can assure a higher security with a false acceptance rate (FAR).



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