Vol 3, No 10 (2011)

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Studies on Relay Modes in IEEE 802.16j Mobile Multi-Hop Relay (MMR) WIMAX Networks PDF
D. Satish Kumar, Dr. N. Nagarajan 682-687
Design and Analysis of Uneven Shaped Continuous Transverse Stub (CTS) Antenna PDF
P. Jothilakshmi 688-693
Authentication Mechanism for Bandwidth Request Messages in Wi-MAX PDF
Rohit Vaid, Kaushik Adhikary, Rajinder Kumar 694-698
Minimization of Handoff Latency by Cell Sectoring Method PDF
Debabrata Sarddar, Shubhajeet Chatterjee, Ramesh Jana, Shaik Sahil Babu, Utpal Biswas, M.K. Naskar 699-705
Patient Monitoring System Using Wireless Sensor Network PDF
Dr. P. Senthil Kumar, P. Kala, V. Sethupathi, S. Swarnavalli 706-718
QoS-Novel Multipath Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks PDF
G.R. Smitha, G.S. Sharvani, Dr.T.M. Rangaswamy 719-723
Improving Security of Multi-Path Routing in MANETS PDF
A. Jayanand, Dr.T. Jeba Rajan 724-728
Architecture and Multipath Data Transfer in Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
Pratibhadevi Tapashetti, A.S. Umesh, T.R. Mahesh, Ashalatha Kulshrestha 729-733
Mobile Phone Sniffer: Radiation Analysis in India PDF
R.S. Deshmukh, A.M. Shingi, V.K. Bairagi 734-737
Minimum Energy with Desired Reliable Data Fusion in Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
A. Antony Jenose, J. Roselin 738-744
BER Improvement of Chaotic Communication Based OFDM System Using Adaptive Beamforming PDF
Suchita Varade, Kishore D. Kulat 745-754
Energy Efficient Routing Algorithms and Performance Comparison for MANET PDF
P. Sivasankar, C. Chellappan, S. Balaji 755-759
A Survey of Power Saving Protocols for Multicast Services in 802.11 WLANs PDF
R.K. Sowmiya, A. Vijaya 760-764
Dynamic Cluster Broadcasting for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks PDF
R. Tamilselvi 765-768

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