Vol 4, No 16 (2012)

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Explicit Congestion Control to avoid the Packet Losses using XCP-WINF in Wireless Networks PDF
G. Surya, S. Anjuga, D. Elavarasi 929-932
Literature Survey for Analyzing Distortion Region in Gaussian Broadcast Channel by Bandwidth Compression and Expansion using Different Coding Schemes PDF
T. Thanya, T.M. Babi Mol 933-939
A Survey on Buffer Management Policies in Delay Tolerant Networks PDF
Samina Mansuri, Hemal Shah, Yogeshwar Kosta 940-946
Literature Survey in Blind Channel Estimation for MIMO-OFDM PDF
P.M. Pranisha, Y.R. Packia Dhas 947-952
Location Based QoS Estimation of OFDM-WIMAX Network PDF
Vishal Sharma, Navneet Kaur 953-957
Single Feed Compact Triple-Band PIFA Antenna for Wireless Communication Applications PDF
Killol Pandya, S.P. Kosta, Falguni Raval 958-962
Analysis of Reliable Secure Transmission for Unobservable Secure Table Driven Protocol PDF
S. Vimal, R. Laxminarayanan, V. Jackins, L. Jerartjulus 963-966
Effect of Antenna Height and Frequency on Handoff Initiation PDF
Purnima K. Sharma, R.K. Singh 967-972
Energy Based Scheduling Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
Mohamed H. Taha, Nour El Din M. Khalifa, Hesham N. Elmahdy, Imane A. Saroit 973-978
Performance Tested of Micro Strip Fractal Antenna for Wireless Communication PDF
Shashi Bhushan Kumar, Dr.P.K. Singhal 979-983
A Secure Energy Mechanism for WSN and Its Implementation in NS-2 PDF
Nour El Din M. Khalifa, Mohamed H. Taha, Hesham N. Elmahdy, Imane A. Saroit 984-990
Design & Implementation of Tri-band Micro strip Rectangular Patch Antenna using Metamaterial PDF
Falguni Raval, Dr.Y.P. Kosta, Amit V. Patel, Dhara Patel 991-996

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