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Secure Data Transmission in Wireless Sensor Networks using Randomized Dispersive Paths

Dhirajkumar Shelke, Pushkar Sathe, Omkar Sabane, Vinod Sawant


There are many threats in WSNs such as node failure, data security issues etc., among those are the compromised node and denial of service which creates „black holes‟ which enables obstructionist to acquire data which are mainly pin pointed in our paper. A wireless channel is open to everyone. With a radio interface configured at the same frequency band, anyone can monitor or participate in communications. Due these inherent limitations in wireless sensor networks, security is crucial issue. To overcome these problems there are many sensor network routing protocols have been proposed but none of them have been designed with security as a goal. We propose a system which provides security to WSN with the help of randomized routes. Under this design the routes taken by „chunks‟ of different packets change over time to time, increasing the probability of randomness of routes to be selected for data transmission. Therefore, even though obstructionist comes to know about the routing algorithm still he cannot determine the paths in where each packet is traversed. Apart from this, the paths that are generated by our design use low energy bands as well as dispersion of routes help bypass the black holes. In addition to that this system provides cryptographic encryption and decryption for better security. Extensive simulations are conducted to verify validity of our design. In particular our simulator facilitates the study of secure connectivity between sensor nodes. Additionally, we describe the data collection and analysis functions integrated within the simulator, and how these can be used for in-depth simulation studies.


Compromised Node (CN), Denial of Service (DoS), Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), Purely Random Propagation (PRP).

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Secure Wireless Sensor Networks By,TaoShu, Marwan Krunz, and Sisi Liu, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Arizona.


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