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Implementation of Greenhouse Environment Monitoring System Using ZigBee based Ad-hoc Network

Jaspal Singh, Divya Dhawan, Lalit Kumar


Agriculture, the backbone of human sustenance on earth needs continuous innovations of new technologies and betterments in the already existing methods. Apart from providing the nourishment to the world’s population, it also holds the badge of being the source of income for millions of people around the globe. Greenhouses came into inception so as to enable cultivation of crops in areas where environmental conditions are not so friendly and also during off-season in main agricultural areas. Humidity and temperature control allows greenhouses to turn an inarable (infertile) piece of land into arable (fertile) land, thereby improving food production in terms of quality and quantity. Therefore, monitoring of the crucial factors like humidity and temperature of a greenhouse environment is must, to make it reliable and efficient agricultural practice. The proposed system “Greenhouse Environment Monitoring System using ZigBee based Ad-Hoc network” is an endeavour to monitor humidity and temperature inside a Greenhouse. This versatile system can be used inside a single greenhouse or to gather data from several greenhouses in a field to precisely control the humiture in respective greenhouses.


Greenhouses, Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs), ZigBee.

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