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Packet Delivery Ratio Effects in a MAC protocol with Traffic Aware Distributed Power Management in Wireless Sensor Networks

G. S. Binu, Dr. K. Poulose Jacob


Wireless sensor networks are battery operated computing and sensing devices deployed in an ad hoc fashion. They can be deployed in any harsh environment. Energy constraint is an important issue in wireless sensor networks since limited energy may lead to death of the node and depletion of the whole network. This provides the need for efficient energy management. Packet delivery performance is an important issue influencing the energy consumption. In this paper, AEMAC, a channel adaptive MAC protocol with traffic aware distributed power management is designed for wireless sensor networks. The performance of this scheme is evaluated over a sensor network with SMAC and ZMAC schemes for varying node densities, transmission rates and flows. AEMAC exhibits a better delivery ratio over SMAC and ZMAC schemes.


Ad Hoc, Mac, Energy Efficiency, Throughput, Delivery Ratio.

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