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A Survey on Wireless Routing Schemes in Single and Multi-Hop Energy Constrained Networks

C.R. Sakthivel, Dr. S. Karthikeyan


Recent development in wireless communications and electronics have facilitated the growth of low-cost low power wireless sensor nodes, which are extremely small in size and have the potential to sense quantities and route data and transmit them within short distances and trigger peripherals. Systems which depends on sensor nodes, are known as wireless sensor networks (WSNs), have been recently introduced in industrial management, home automation, security and military sensing, precision agriculture, and health monitoring. Sensor nodes are generally powered by batteries with restricted energy resource. As a result, the major challenge for this energy constrained system is to design an energy efficient protocol to enhance the life time of the networks. Power saving is one of the most important concern in wireless sensor networks and there is need many researches to deal with the better wireless routing schemes for the energy constrained single and multi hop networks. In this survey, discussed the several energy-aware routing protocols for wireless networks which will show the way for development of better routing protocols.


Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), EESR (Energy-Efficient Sensor Routing), Energy-Efficient Protocol with Static Clustering (E3PSC)

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