Vol 4, No 5 (2012)

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Detection of Various Anatomical Structures in Retinal Images and Fovea Detection using Wavelets PDF
M. Tamil Nidhi, S. Xavier Arockiaraj 193-197
Video Surveillance System using FPGA PDF
P.A. Kamble, M.B. Mali 198-200
Iris Recognition System using Ridge Energy Direction PDF
Mayuri M. Memane, Sanjay R. Ganorkar 201-205
Active Reranking for Web Image Search PDF
S. Vijayalakshmi, D. Sudha, B. Sujittha, B. Yogalakshmi 206-210
A Novel Fingerprint Reconstruction by Using Four Concrete Schemes of Pattern Matching to Enhance Accuracy Fields PDF
N. Kannaiya Raja, R. Somasundaram, Dr.K. Arulanandam 211-216
A Frequency Based Approach on Biometric Identification System Using Multiple Traits of Face and Iris PDF
C.B. Rublin Bini, C. Anand Deva Durai 217-221
Pair of Iris Recognition Using Feedforward Neural Networks PDF
M. Chithra Devi, T. Kavitha 222-225
Real Time Non-Invasive Iris Image Analysis for Pulmonary Disease Identification and Corrective Measure of Iridology PDF
K. Sivasankar 226-230
Fingerprint Matching Incorporating Ridge Features PDF
S. Archana, A. Pranab 231-233

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