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Effect of Differential Processing Methods on Elimination of Oligosaccharides in an Underutilized Food and Feed Source, Mucuna Beans

M. Pugalenthi, K. Prasanna, P. Saravanan, K. Janardhanan


Legumes (pulses) contain a wide array of
antinutritional factors (ANFs) associated with their nutrients. Suitable scientific and technological processing methods are needed for the elimination of ANFs without affecting the nutritional potential of the pulses. In the present study the selected underutilized pulses [Mucuna monosperma DC wall ex and Mucuna pruriens var. utilis. (Dc wall ex
Wight) (Baker ex Burck)] were subjected to differential processing methods to assess their effectiveness in eliminating oligosaccharides which cause flatus in consuming humans. Between the two treatments (soaking followed by cooking and crude α-galactosidase treatment), the crude α-galactosidase enzyme treatment is found to be
more effective in eliminating significant levels of oligosaccharides(70-90%).


Western Ghats, Underutilized Pulses, Antinutritional Factors, Oligosaccharides, Crude Α-Galactosidase.

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