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Hybrid Irradiation by FIR and Microwave Sources for Early Detection of Breast Carcinoma

Punal M. Arabi, S. Muttan, T.V. Padmavathy, D. Madhumalar


Breast cancer becomes fatal if not detected at the early stage. Physical and psychological trauma could be avoided to a greater extent by early detection and treatment; Survival rate is also increased by this. There are many techniques presently used to detect breast cancer with their own merits and demerits. In this paper a method is described for early breast cancer detection. Phantom models irradiated by suitable FIR, Microwave (2450 MHZ) sources are used to find out the heating, cooling characteristics of normal and cancerous breast tissues. From the results obtained, images are simulated and proved that earlier diagnosis is possible by the proposed method. Thermo grams taken using a thermal imager (FLIR i5) at the resulting temperatures also proved the early diagnosis of breast carcinom is possible by the proposed method.


Breast Carcinoma; Early Diction Hybrid Irradiation; Microwave and Fir; Matlab 7.1; Flir Thermal Imaging Camera.

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