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A Study about Concepts, Virtualization, Benefits and Challenges of Cloud Computing

G. Sekar, Dr.N..M. Elango


Cloud computing is a tremendous buzz in IT industry. It is nothing but computing with internet. Many diagrams showing internet will have the cloud symbol. Since internet is the key for this computing, it is named as ―cloud‖ computing. Instead of buying everything for an application, it simply hires processor, storage, network and even database. User has to simply establish the connection with the cloud in order to have the access over the resources. The cloud is not simply the latest fashionable term for the Internet. Though the Internet is a necessary foundation for the cloud, the cloud is something more than the Internet. The cloud is where we go to use technology when we need it, for as long as we need it, and not a minute more. The cloud can be both software and infrastructure. It can be an application we access through the Web or a server that we provision exactly when we need it. Grid computing is the easiest application architecture to migrate in to the cloud. A grid computing application is processor-intensive software that breaks up its processing into small chunks that can then be processed in isolation. The cloud makes it cheap and easy to build a grid computing application


Cloud, Data Center, Virtualization

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