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A Study of DASH7 Technology: An Overview

R.B. Jagadeesha, Jose Oliveira


The present trend in case of medium range wireless networks for limited data transfer is to have ultra large battery life. DASH7 is such a technology that can offer large coverage and extended battery life compared to similar, nearby competitors in wireless data networking. So the aim of this literature is to present the features and future trends of DASH7 technology, by considering the importance of the said technology and as it is rare to find a single technical document that contains all the major events of DASH7. This work also compares the DASH7 with other similar wireless networks like WSN, Bluetooth, Zigbee, wireless Hart etc and discusses the future applications in the field of real-time localization, Smartphone, event tracking etc. The major protocol stacks and hardware are also discussed in this report so as to get a ready reference for the researchers.


DASH7, Open Tag, WSN

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