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A Novel Security Protocol for Black Hole Attack in Wireless Sensor Networks

Abiodun Gbenga-Ilori, Michael Adelabu, AgbotinameImoize AgbotinameImoize


Risk of secure transmission of information or message has increased due to more dependency on the information provided by the networks has been improved. In sensor network, due to nature of broadcast communication there is possibility of eavesdropping, interception and alteration or modification of message. With traditional wireless networks threats are same in sensor networks. They are vulnerable to resource consumption attacks. This kind of attack is aiming at challenging the resources like power and network bandwidth. Considering the threats, we have to provide authentication though encryption, integrity and privacy to secure the network environments. Due to Limited capability of sensor nodes, conventional security mechanisms with large computation and overhead of communication are inappropriate in WSNs. The literature survey showing techniques suffers from very little false positives. Here our paper focuses on review on black hole attack and also elaborates security against black hole attack. This paper suggests some feasible security model to further enhancement to tackling of black hole attack in the wireless sensor network.


Wireless Sensor Networks, Black Hole, Malicious Traffic.

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