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Advanced Accident Avoidance System for Heavy Vehicles Transportation

S. Kalaiselvan, Dr.S.K. Muthusundar, S. Vivek, Siddharth Subramanian, S. Rajeskannan


An automatic system to avoid almost all the means of accidence could be developed using an integrated Smart System. The proposed method uses a large number of themes such as drug detection and sleep avoidance, speed governance, driver authentication, temperature control etc. The sleep avoidance system ensures that person will not able to knob the vehicle if he doesn’t have sufficient sleep which is detected by the blue ray technology. The temperature controller would help maintain a constant temperature in container irrespective of outside atmosphere, at the same time it would have a burst control system. Similarly by using this system 90% of accidents caused by Lorries could be prevented and at the same time loss of properties such as goods, vegetables, petrol, gasoline etc could be avoided. This would ultimately help in prevent in loss of damage and losses occurred by accidents. This paper is a first of its kind.


Drug Detection, Speed Governance, Authentication System

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