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Cross Layer Optimization in Wireless Sensor Network

Vivek Deshpande, Aparna Kamble


The wireless sensor networks are the future of the networks, which depends on the number of applications. As we are talking about the network we have to consider the protocol, which is to be used to increase the performance of the network. Most of the time protocol used is not only for wired media but also for wireless is OSI protocol stack. Now a days most of the researchers focusing on cross layer design to increase the performance of the network by sharing the information between different layers. In this paper we focus on proposed design issues of cross layer design. The approach is to investigate the effects of the wireless channel and the physical layer performance of a small-scale wireless sensor network (WSN) to develop insights that can be used in the design and development of the optimization agent in the proposed cross-layer framework.


Wireless Sensor Network, protocol, cross layer design, cross-layer framework, NDMA.

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