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Energy Optimization Packet Scheduling Algorithms on a Mobile Wimax Using Ns2

T. Shankar, R. Suresh, A. Bagubali, Dr. S. Shanmugavel


Recently, mobile communication technologies have been developed rapidly. The IEEE 802.16e wireless metropolitan area network (WMAN) standard is an emerging technology to support roaming mobility of mobile stations (MSs) in outdoor environment. For MSs powered by batteries, the standard supports power saving mode to conserve battery power meanwhile fulfilling the requirements of quality of services. Regarding to different service types, standard defines three different power saving types for them and each type has its own power saving parameters. In this paper, Broadband wireless access systems usually provide flexible sleep-mode operations for mobile stations to conserve their energy during idle or active mode. For Mobile WiMAX, the IEEE 802.16e, offers several power-saving classes that can be associated with different types of network connections to minimize power consumption of mobile stations.


Mobile WiMAX, Power Saving, Energy Efficiency, Packet Scheduling.

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