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Application of UWB Indoor Channel Profile Identification

Pradeep Reddy, Gerardine Immaculate Mary


Prior to transmission, the best receiver position for optimum signal reception from the transmitter is preferred. Unfortunately due to multipath, finding the best receiver position and identifying the channels in indoor environment are very difficult. This paper proposes a low complexity parameter to overcome this problem. Also, advantage is taken of the UWB (Ultra-Wide Band) physical layer, which has multipath resolution capacity. Simulation and measurement results are compared and shown as proof of concept that precise channel profiles between different LOS and NLOS conditions can be identified with this combined strategy. Also UWB communication system is realized by modelling UWB signal as Gaussian and its derivatives and by convolving them with the IEEE 802.15.3a channel models for LOS and different NLOS conditions, namely CM1, CM2, CM3 and CM4, using modified Saleh-Valenzuela (S-V) model.


UWB Indoor Localization, UWB Indoor Channel Model, UWB Indoor Channel Profile Identification.

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