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New Dual Band Notched UWB Monopole Antenna Using Two HSRRs

Ahmed S. Elkorany, Ghidaa T. Ahmed, Said M. Elhalafawy, Demyana A. Saleeb


In this paper an UWB monopole antenna with band notch characteristics using Hexagonal Split Ring Resonator (HSRR) is presented and examined. This antenna is fed by Coplanar Waveguide (CPW). By Varying SRR dimensions different notch frequencies can be obtained. By using single HSRR a notch frequency can be obtained at 6.2GHz but by using two HSRR with different dimensions two notch frequencies can be obtained at 6.2GHz and 8.7GHz.The proposed antenna loaded with single or double HSRRs yields directive pattern in the E- plane and omnidirectional pattern in H- plane. Also in both cases the gain is suppressed at the notch frequencies. Finite element method FEM is used to simulate the proposed structures using HFSS.


Coplanar Waveguide, Double Notch Frequency, FEM, Hexagonal SRR, HFSS, Metamaterials, Microstrip Line, UWB Planar Monopole Antenna.

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