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Location Accuracy and Key Dispersion Mechanism for Wireless Sensor Network

Jesintha Francis, k. Aanandha Saravanan, L. Padmanaban


Wireless Sensor Networks are widely used in medical, military and environmental monitoring applications. It consist of hundreds to thousands of deployed sensor nodes which are expected to self-organize into an autonomous network, perform desired sensing tasks and react properly to the environment on specific events. In this paper the location information provided by the GPS and inertial guidance module on a special master node. GPS achieves accurate node localization and location-based key distribution at the same time the position can also vary due to environmental factors. The position of the nodes has to be relocated based on ring overlapping. We utilize mobile beacons to find out the rings that are centered with certain reference node and contain blind node. These ring are called B-rings by utilizing the mobile beacons, the width of the B-rings can be minimized and then by overlapping them. The location of blind zones can be efficiently estimated. The sensor nodes are resistant to various attacks such as Dolev-Yao, the Wormhole, and the GPS-denial attacks.


GPS, Localization, Attacks and Key distribution

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