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Architecting a Cloud Infrastructure for Service Oriented Sensor Network

B. Vidhyalakshmi, R.S. Ponmagal, Dr.J.M. Gnanasekar


The motto of this paper is to analyze the performance of Service Oriented Sensor Network by utilizing Cloud technology. Cloud offers a way to share sensor information enhancing the performance of whole system. Wireless Sensor networks have become a vital part of many fields that involves remote sensing applications. The technical advancements are achieved at the cost of increased power consumptions of the sensors which will diminish the life-time of the sensors. The power of the sensors is spent by transmitting data continuously to the sink node. Moreover the autonomy of the system is considerably less. So, our intent is to develop an energy efficient architecture which is highly dynamic, flexible, scalable that provides an autonomous environment by making use of the Sensor Profiles as a placeholder. The concept is conceived based on identification of a particular sensor and data based on the Sensor Profile which is said to be unique for each and every sensor. The incorporated Cloud architecture in the proposed architecture ensures well managed data access and also provides an increased speed in data access. Obviously the deployment of Sensor Profile and sensed data in the Cloud enhances high degree of scalability and increased power efficiency. The Cloud SenPro architecture provides considerable pros such as rapid data access leading to quicker throughput and furthermore the architecture leads to an autonomous, power effective, dynamic, flexible and scalable environment.


Sensor Profile, Cloud, XML and XSLT

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