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Smart Energy Saving System by Heat Sensing Technique

S. Elavarasan, V. Munees Gowtham, R. Sabesh, M. Sivakumar, M. Subash


Now a days, Human beings are wasting too much of electrical energy by not turning off the lights, fans and many other electrical appliances when they are not using it. To overcome this problem we have developed a device that can be fitted anywhere in offices or homes, Restaurants and also used for Street Lights. As the device will detect the presence of Human and automatically turn on and off the device. To detect the presence of human we are using PIR Sensor. PIR consist of IR sensors and IR sensors are used to analyse the human body temperature, motion detection and it will turn on the electrical appliances. Arduino UNO is used to control the PIR sensor and electrical appliances. Relay modules are used to control the electrical appliances. It is detects the presence of a human in a predefined area and can turn on the lights or any electrical appliances that we want. The device will automatically turn off the lights or electrical appliance if nobody is presence in the area.

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