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Smart Fault Indicator for Smart Grid

B. Christy Juliet, M. Makesh, M. Mohamed Fazil, A. Manoj, M. Muhamed Hakif


Fault location is an important application among intelligent monitoring and outage management tasks. They are used for realization of self-healing networks which is one of the most attractive features of smart grids. The data gathered from various Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) installed throughout the power system could be utilized for smart approaches to locate faults in both transmission and distribution systems. This paper discusses issues associated with improving accuracy of fault location method in smart grids using an abundance of IED data and IoT devices. The proposed concept has been implemented using PROTEUS simulation software. The simulation results presented shows that this fault location method is a good example that shows how by developing suitable methods it is possible to take advantage of smart grid technologies at each level of progress toward the final vision of a smart grid.

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