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An Efficient Dynamic Cluster Head Table Design for Time Minimization using BVLI‟s Data Structures

A. Daison Raj, M. BalaAnand, C. Leena


IP lookup affects the speed of an incoming packet and the time required to determine which output port the packet should be sent to; hence, it plays an important role in the design of cluster-tables. In this paper, we propose a new data structure, called a BVLI – Binary Value Level based Index Data Structure for use in designing dynamic cluster-tables for reduce the time minimization process for searching the availability of next cluster head in the cluster table and retrieve the particular cluster network information quickly during the communication among the systems in the wireless networks. One key feature of our data structure is that each node can store only one Level in the cluster head table, which reduces the number of memory accesses. When performing lookup, the structure can search more prefixes in one node and may find the longest matching prefix in an internal node rather than on a leaf. Moreover, when updating the cluster head-table, it does not need to reconstruct the table. As a by-product, the proposed data structure minimizes the time required for dynamic cluster head table operations, including lookup, insertion, deletion, and also reduces the number of memory accesses. We report the results of experiments conducted to compare the proposed data structure with other structures using MATLAB.


BVLI, Cluster, lookup, Unique ID.

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