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A Domestic Robot for Security Systems by Video Surveillance using Zigbee Technology

M. Md Athiqurraza Ahamed


In this implementation of Defense security systems .When a person or motor vehicle enters a monitored area, PIR motion detectors are commonly used in conjunction with different parts of the war field. When someone enters secured places, immediately it will send an indication to the control room section through wireless communication and is indicated to the control room through alarm [1]. The concerned people can understand that an eventuality has happened in the host section. At the same time web camera connected to the microcontroller keeps on capturing what is going on there at the host place and saves it into the computer. When the security people in supervisory room, get an indication to the host section by alarm, they log into the host section computer through wireless LAN, and view all information of the war field section images by PC and can operate the weapons if the entered people were opponent person. Sectors based on PIR detectors, ultrasonic sensors and also communicate to the Control room through wireless communication by means of encrypted data and then from the control room they can able to monitor what’s happening in the war field and supervise from the control room itself when signal is sent on detection of human by pir sensors a alarm is buzzed in control room thus reducing work load.


Domestic Robot, Security Systems, Video Surveillance using Zigbee Technology

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