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Improvement and Analysis of QoS Aware Routing Protocol in MANETs Using Genetic Algorithm

M. Pushpavalli, E. Dinesh, Dr.A.M. Natarajan


An attractive mobile ad-hoc network is the collection of mobile nodes that can communicate among themselves within multi-hop with no infrastructure between them. MANET has issues like limited resources, mobility, limited and shared bandwidth. Hence routing becomes difficult and the requirement of QoS raised numerous challenging issues in MANETs. The QoS is not satisfied due to NP complete problem. Hence to satisfy these network constraints we introduce a novel method to find the feasible path that has sufficient resources. Our method includes a multi-objective genetic algorithm and it optimizes parameters like delay and bandwidth. For optimizing we use the QoS aware routing protocol as OLSR considering its MPR sets to find path between source and destination. By using this optimization technique the congestion in the network is minimized and packet delivery ratio is improved.


GA, OLSR Protocol, MPR Selection Algorithm, Delay and Bandwidth

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