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A Robust Intrusion Detection in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks with Reactive Routing Protocols

J. Jeba Veera Singh, A. Alfred Raja Melvin, J. Immanuel John Raja


Mobile ad-hoc networks (MANETs) will be formed where a fixed network is not possible to be maintained. MANETs are infrastructure less and will be having mobile nodes. Security in mobile ad hoc networks is difficult to achieve, because of the dynamic topologies, limited resources, the absence of a certification authority and the lack of a centralized monitoring point [1]. MANETs are vulnerable to many kinds of attacks. Most of the attacks are routing protocol attacks. The routing protocol attacks will be carried out by forming holes in the network. The holes in the network can drop, tamper or fabricate the traffic in the network. The holes or the malicious nodes should be detected and detached as early as possible. The detection mechanism should also guarantee higher detection rate and lesser traffic. In this paper we propose a robust technique to detect the holes in the MANET which uses reactive routing protocol.


MANET, Sinkhole Nodes, Routing Attacks, Bogus RREQ, Cross-Over Error Rate

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