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Reduction of Bit Error Rate in Ultra – Wide Band System Using Simulink

Maninder Singh, Prabhjot Kaur, Sandeep Sachdeva


Prior to the recent industry boom, the most common Ultra – Wide Band (UWB) system implementation is impulse radio, where ultra-short baseband pulses are used with a variety of modulation schemes to transfer data. Impulse radio has various advantages over OFDM, with its ability to penetrate through materials and resolve multipath with path length differences on the order of a foot or less. In present communication systems, increasing the number of users reduces the data rate that each individual carrier must convey and that lengthens the symbol period. However, in UWB, no frequency diversity is exploited to improve BER performance. Today’s UWB systems attempt to overcome this limitation by application of channel coding and interleaving, which requires a reduction in throughput. UWB uses different type of modulation schemes to improve BER performance. In this paper we analyze the performance of UWB system over multi-path fading channels at the cost of small increase in complexity.


BER, CRC Encoding, RS Encoding and UWB System

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