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A Brief Review of Cyber Attacks on Internet of Things and its Mitigation Techniques

Dr. Selvakumar Manickam


Since the inception of ARPANET almost 50 years ago, the Internet has come a long way to the point it has become as important as electricity and water supply. It has evolved from connecting computers and servers and computers to connecting “things”. Internet of Things or IoT as considered to be the next wave of the Internet development. As with any new technology, IoT also suffers from various security issues and vulnerabilities due to its design that is new and untested against attacks. Furthermore, IoT device manufacturers are focused on getting their product marketed at the soonest thus causing security taking the backseat. This paper provides an overview of the potential attacks that can be carried out on IoT devices and outline how these attacks can be mitigated.


Internet of Things, Cyber Security, Cyber-Attack, Attack Mitigation

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