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Internet of Things An Answer to the Next Generation Automated World

P. Menaka, B. M. Shrinithi, V. S. Kavipriya


Today the internet is growing at an unimaginable pace. Now its reach is not just limited to devices like desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobiles but also like cars, door locks, home lightings, air conditioners, fans, microwave ovens etc. For this reason, there is a huge demand to understand this emerging technology and use this in developing solutions to solve various social and business problems. All these devices can connect with each other via Internet and hence this setup is called as Internet of Things, as they have the capability to connect with each other to share data, execute commands, etc. The operation of IoT works differently in different ecosystem, in other words, it follows different architectural norms in a different environment. The IoT platforms collect and analyses the data from various devices and transfer valuable data to other devices.


Internet of Things, History, Frameworks, Ecosystem, Implementation, Benefits & Challenges, Prediction, Real-time applications.

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