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Wearable Technologies for the Present Comfort and Secure Future: Implementation on a Different Domain, Pro and Cons

N. Deepa, A. S. Prethepa, K. K. Sowmiya


This paper is about some advantages and disadvantages in the wearable technologies and field in which they are utilized... A specification of the present comfort and secure future of wearable technology is followed by suggestions for future directions needed to advance towards the vast development of wearable technologies. Wearable technology consists of all kinds of devices, materials, and components that cannot be considered part of ordinary clothing but instead are high-tech additions or modifications to sensor in clothing. It ranges from clothing details designed for a specific purpose to computers carried and used while wearing them. Wearable technology is also used in the various medical field using sensors.


Wearable Technology, Sensors, High-Tech Addition, Computer Technology, Secure Future

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Inside Wearable Technology-Book by Brett S. Martin

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Flexible and Wearable Electronics- Book by Haider Raad

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