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A Passive Soft-Switching Regenerative Snubber for DC-DC Boost Converter

P. Radika, Subhransu Sekhar Dash


Snubber circuits can be used to protect power semiconductor devices from turn-on and turn-off voltage transients. It is also possible to obtain soft-switching by means of snubbers. There are two kinds of soft-switching snubbers namely active and passive snubbers are used in power converters to reduce the switching loss of the main switching device so as to improve the performance of the system. A soft-recovery DC-DC boost converter that operates in a more reliable and an efficient manner than the conventional converter by employing a passive regenerative snubber is presented. The snubber provides soft-switching at turn-off condition of the main switch. Thus, reduces the turn-off loss of the switch. Also recovering the snubber stored energy into the output side. The operation of the conventional and the proposed circuits are supported by MATLAB/Simulink/PLECS simulations results.


Regenerative Snubber, Boost Converter, Passive Snubber, Snubber Capacitor, Soft-Switching, Switching Loss, Zero-Voltage Switching, Turn-Off Snubber

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