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A Down Sampling Approach Technique for Design Hilbert-Pair of Wavelets

M. Ramaiah, M. Balasaraswathi



To design the pair of conjugate Quadrature filter banks, whose corresponding wavelets are Hilbert transform of each other. The Transfer function of the CQF-(conjugate Quadrature filer) is having common factor and the phase factor. The phase factor is designed using Park-McClellan algorithm and down sampling approach with different frequencies specifications. The common factor is present in both filter banks. The phase factor with down sampling approach provides the sharper frequency response for CQF (Conjugate Quadrature filter). The sharper response filters provides the good Hilbert pair of wavelets, with desire properties of wavelets .The design of Hilbert pair of wavelets with same vanishing moments and same degree of phase factor with different frequency specification is analysed here.


Conjugate Quadrature filter, Hilbert transform, Ortho-normal filter banks, Wavelets and Filter banks.

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