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A Smart Billing System using Arduino Mega and RFID

K. S. Priyadharshini, N. S. PremNaren, K. Lokeshwaran, Dr. C. Venkatesh


In the developing technology we are seeing many inventions in various fields including automatic machines, Internet Of Things and so on. There is a drastic increase of expectations in customer’s point of view. With the developing world, people always find the easy way to satisfy their needs and to use their time appropriately. In day-to-day life purchasing various products in malls or supermarkets require a trolley. Product procurement is a complex process. Each time customer has to push the trolley from rack to rack for collecting products and simultaneously customers are wasting their precious time and not willing to stand in long queue in order for the billing process. Our project is to scan the products by their own efforts which are going to be purchased. Each time product is added into trolley and cost of the each product is also calculated and displayed on the LCD. Mainly to find the location of the product Bluetooth mobile connectivity can be used. At the end, customer has to wait in queue for billing and payment. To overcome that we have developed a smart way for shopping. In this paper, we are presenting a smart shopping system using RFID and ARDUINO MEGA controller.


RFID, Module, Arduinomega, Bluetooth, Smart Shopping.

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