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Chemical Synthesis and Structural Elucidation of Novel Compounds - Schiff Bases

C. Gladis Rajamalar, M. Chandrika, Dr. C. Chellaram


The aim of the present investigation is to synthesis three different Schiff bases like 4-[- (4-hydroxy -3-methoxy benzylidene)-amino ]-1,5-dimethyl -2-phenyl-1,2- dihydro-pyrazole-3-one,4 – [ (furan-2-yl-methylene-) –amino ] -1,5 –dimethyl -2-phenyl- 1,2-dihydro-pyrazole-3-one,and 1,5- dimethyl-4 [ (2-nitro benzylidene) – amino] -2-phenyl- 1,2-dihydro-pyrazole – 3-one .The above Schiff bases were characterized by IR,UV and NMR Spectral techniques.


N-methyl,N-acetyl,IR,UV and NMR Spectral techniques

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