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Glass House Horticulture Using PLC

S. Sindhu Priya, R. Divya lakshmi, S. Vasuki, R.  Rakesh


Agriculture is the backbone of economic growth. Agriculture is now becoming very complex field because of the traditional method and form of agriculture is beyond the understanding of today’s youth, now-a-days there is a marked shortage in labors and there is no time to monitor and maintain the crops directly. So we people measure the temperature, pressure, humidity and light intensity of each crop variety and maintain it with help of different respectable sensors which are operated by using PLC. We can achieve the expected output by using our sequential logic which is programmed into the PLC. By using PLC we can able to progress the automated continuous process system. In this paper we people discussed about parameters requirement of sensors, selection of suitable sensors for the environmental measurement, sequential logic for each process, inputs and output with respect to input and how we develop the system and how to control the whole system. The purpose of this project is to proper design, selection, control, updating and upgrading of glass house horticulture by using PLC.


PLC, Agriculture, Horticulture, Polyhouse, Android App Development, Automatic Greenhouse Farming, Sensors.

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