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An Effective Retinal Features based Cryptographic Algorithm for Enhanced Security

M. Suresh Kumar, N. Kamalraj


Security break and transaction fraud is increasing, so that in a daily secure identification and personal verification technology came into picture. Every Organization needs to protect their secured information from either internal or external threat. Various biometric techniques have been developed for having secured information in the organization. Recently, Biometric techniques are integrated with the cryptographic technique for better security and authentication. This paper concentrates on the integration of biometric features with cryptographic techniques for better security and authentication using the retinal biometrics. Retina is considered as the most accurate and secure biometric feature. The retinal feature is extracted based on the steps like Extraction of Retinal Vascular Tree, Thinning and Joining, Feature Extraction. Reed–Solomon (RS) error correcting algorithm is utilized to encrypt and decrypt the data. The performance of the proposed approach is compared with the existing approach which uses iris feature and the results confirms that the proposed approach has better FAR (False Acceptance Ratio) and FRR (False Reject Ratio).


Security, Retinal Vascular Tree, Reed–Solomon (RS), FAR (False Acceptance Ratio) and FRR (False Reject Ratio)

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