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High Secure Biometric Cipher Application for Online Ballots

Prabha Susy Mammen, S. Ramamoorthy


Voters often find the postal ballots very inconvenient and time consuming as a result the voting response rates is often lower. Online voting system is considered to facilitate the central government’s new policy of giving voting rights to the Indians living abroad so that they can cast their vote using internet and to also increase voter responses. It could reduce the expenditure involved in setting up and staffing poll sites. The method for data hiding is based on the novel approach of using Steganography and cryptography together using images as cover objects for steganography and as keys for cryptography. Most of the traditional systems have adopted a secret key to authenticate the user information. The use of secret key may direct to undesirable circumstances when the secret key is lost, or forgotten. Biometric authentication systems are considered to be more useful since it involves no secret key that might be feared to be forgotten by the user or key to be lost and not just that a single biometric trait can be used to access several accounts without the need of remembering passwords for all those accounts. In this paper Eyebrow is used as a biometric measure to enhance the security aspect of the System. Here Active contour algorithm is used to get accurate Eyebrow contour, which makes this application a highly secured biometric cipher application.


Active Contour Algorithm, Biometric, Cryptography, Cipher, Steganography.

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