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Face Searching and Matching with Iris Recognition by Diagonal Square Matrix

G. Appasami, K. Suresh Joseph


Face Searching and Matching is a challenging task in the field of Image processing. This paper presents a novel approach in digital image of face searching and matching with iris recognition. In the field of security Face and iris identification is very important. In this paper we concentrated face searching and matching with iris recognition. The given key image is converted into gray scale image and after that a matrix is computed with gray scale values of the key image. Then we are collecting the diagonal key elements for diagonal searching key sequence. Using Pair wise sequence alignment we are trying to match the key with available images in the large data base of collection of faces. Initially we discussed various techniques used in digital image searching and matching in this paper. This new algorithm Diagonal matrix is a new algorithm for all face images searching and matching. There are several algorithms for face image matching. But still needs more optimization for image matching. Using this new approach we can match criminal photo from a large database. Face Image recognition, feature extraction and pattern matching needs improvements in Image processing. There are several methods for Face image searching and matching, but we need new optimized technique for image searching and matching. This new Diagonal matrix approach is tried to give optimized solution in Face digital image matching.


Image retrieval, Face and Iris detection and Matching, Face Recognition, Affine Invariant, Face Searching and Matching, Diagonal Searching and Pair Wise Alignment.

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