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Efficient User Authentication in Multi user Cloud using Fingerprint and Merkle Hash Algorithm

K. Preethi, N. Premalatha, T. Saraswathi, V. Srisivaranjani, H. Jeyamohan


Cloud Computing has  been  envisioned  as  the  next  generation  architecture  of  the  IT  enterprise due  to   its   on demand self-service, ubiquitous network access,  location-independent resource pooling , rapid resource elasticity   and  usage-based pricing . The  fundamental  aspect  of  cloud  storage  computing model is  that  data  is  being centralized  or  outsourced  into  the cloud without  the  burden of  local  hardware  and  software management  thereby  new  and  challenging  threat on data arises. Fingerprint  Authentication , a significant  security element  and  popular  biometric  modality  which  is  used  extensively  in  several  applications  for  person authentication,  providing  high uniqueness  and  acceptable performance. In existing  system  the  security  of  fingerprint  data  is not  highly  ensured . In this project a new approach of remote user fingerprint authentication scheme using the concept of Merkle Hash Tree has been proposed. The data owner stores the file in an encrypted form in the cloud server. The cloud user has to register with the owner along with the root signature. In the client side, the Fingerprint template is split it into eight shares using image processing technique. The splitted eight shares are given as inputs to merkle hash tree wherein each share has to undergo hashing function and hence root signature is generated. The signature is generated and stored in the cloud server. The user has to submit the adjacent and sibling shares of fingerprint template for authentication purpose. The signature is generated in the cloud service provider and thus verified with the stored signature in the cloud. The misuse of sensitive data can be   avoided and this provides an effective and efficient user remote authentication with the cloud.


Cloud Computing, Finger Print, Root Signature, Biometric, Authentication.

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