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Implementation of Communication between Normal and Differently Abled Person Using Hand Gesture and Voice Recogonition

M. Alfena, K. Bhavatarini Sarika, R. Chithara, S. Deepika, J.A. Dhinesh Joseph


A significant portion of our population has speech and hearing impairment which reduce their ability to communicate with a normal person. These impairments may be acquired at birth or through accident or disease or through aging .This paper  presents  the  development of a mobile phone based assistive aid for the speech and hearing impaired to help them in their daily life when they cannot afford to wear hearing aids .The visual aid takes form  an easy -to-use app on a mobile phone or tablet in which the elderly can capture the image of  their hand gesture ,the image will be processed and a corresponding audio is played  to the normal person. Then the normal person can record the speech using the mobile application which will automatically perform speech-to-text conversion on the mobile phone such that the impaired person can read the text visually. The conversion is done at the backend server via internet .This application is intended to enable the impaired person to lead a fulfilling and independent lifestyle.


Hand Gesture, Speech-to-Text

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