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Context Based Mobile Information Catalog Surveillance

S. Gokul Harish, Jagadeesh Kumar, K.S. Sangita, Priyanka Priyanka


In the present generation where it   has become difficult to survive without a mobile device, we address a problem of retrieving data from devices which are at that instant physically unavailable.  Often the people who need to be kept aware of events are in a remote location. This application is based on sending notifications to the user whenever they want to communicate with their mobile virtually.  The proposed system helps in accessing their mobile devices by just sending a command as a SMS to the device. The options provided to the user are changing the profile modes of their mobile devices or for data retrieval where contacts, recent call logs and messages are provided access to and locating the position of the mobile using the GPS facility. These data are passed to the mobile from which the SMS has come from in a text message format. To remain secure from unauthorized access we can set a pin number that is needed to be sent along with the SMS. With this, mobile phones in any remote location can be accessed by the mobile user by sending a notification through an authorized pin number.


General Packet Radio Service (GPRS); Short Message Service (SMS); Multimedia Message Service (MMS); Global Positioning Service (GPS) Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM).

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