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High Secure Authentication System

B. Ashish, R. Muthalagu


In the present days hackers are hacking passwords almost in every system. Hacking creates a lot of problems in all sectors. To get away from those problems, we are implementing a new concept of image based authentication system. In this we are using images/symbols as a part of passwords. These images/symbols are assigned to Alphabets/numbers in the actual password. Initially the password was created by the user during registration. In the next step user will select three images, after selecting images when he continue for the further process the each number/letter in the passwords which is created by the user will be assigned to the each image. This assigning process varies from one user to other user. While login, initially the user has to give user name and select three images. After that in the next step he has to give the three letter password. The user will be authenticated only when images and passwords match. By this way an extra technique for secure login is implemented along with the normal encryption process. Steganography is the encryption process we are using in our system and the algorithm we are using is LSB algorithm. Hence it is not very easy to decode the password. For the applications like Banks, Military etc… We can add more Security by introducing RFID, GSM modem to the system. This system can avoid problems of hacking and provide more secure login.


Data Base, Steganography, Data Source Name (DSN)

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Database connectivity toolkit.pdf

Image based authentication system using touchscreen.pdf. decryption-using- labview.

A paper on textured reductions for image document analysis.

Paper on Image analysis using threshold reduction.

Document image decoding using iterated complete path heuristic.

Identifying document image skew and orientation.


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