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Speech Sensor Based Riding Protection Using PIC Micro Controller

S. Senthamilarasu, T. Tamilarasan, E. Praveen


Accidents are the unexpected events which causes a loss of life, economy and welfare of both the victims. As per the statistics released by WHO (World Health Organisation), it is found that more than 10%of global accidents occur in India alone. Among that drunken drive and usage of mobile phones accounts more than 70% .Excess alcoholic content in our body during riding may causes the rider to impair ability, degrade performance and result in serious sickness. Real time sensing of alcohol content in human body is thus an important research nowadays. This paper majorly deals with usage of alcoholic sensor and a speech recognition based sensor. Victims who meet with accidents may suffer lots of head injuries which are due to the fact that not wearing helmet during riding. So our project focuses to make helmet as an unavoidable life saver. As our government also taking steps to make helmet as a compulsory one but it can’t be implemented successfully .our project helps for this task to be implemented successfully.


Accident, Helmet, Speech Sensor, Alcoholic Sensor, Helmet Lock.

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