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Intrusion and Fraud Analysis Using Data Mining

Kirti Bharti Samal


This survey paper categorises, compares, and summarises from almost all published technical and review articles in automated fraud detection within the last 10 years. It defines the professional fraudster, formalises the main types and subtypes of known fraud, and presents the nature of data evidence collected within 0affected industries. Within the business context of mining the data to achieve higher cost savings, this research presents methods and techniques together with their problems. Compared to all related reviews on fraud detection, this survey covers much more technical articles and is the only one, to the best of our knowledge, which proposes alternative data and solutions from related domains. In these days an increasing number of public and commercial services are used through the Internet, so that security of information becomes more important issue in the society information Intrusion Detection System (IDS) used against attacks for protected to the Computer networks. On another way, some data mining techniques also contribute to intrusion detection. Some data mining techniques used for intrusion detection can be classified into two classes: misuse intrusion detection and anomaly intrusion detection. Misuse always refers to known attacks and harmful activities that exploit the known sensitivity of the system.

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